Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blank Pages

Title Page

This weekend I was at the craft store looking at the sketchbooks for my inspiration book project when I fell in love. With a journal that is! It's compact with a hard black cover and pristine white pages (from a sustainable forest). It's absolutely perfect for me and my goal of successfully filling my first journal from cover to cover. With the lack of spiral binding I wont be tempted to take out any of the pages either.

I had a moment of hesitancy, as I always do, at the prospect of doing something to the first page. In the end I wanted to keep it simply so I used markers in some of my favorite colors and a stickers from my favorite sheet. I'm excited to see how this journal will evolve from here. I'm planning to use it to record the simple things that make me happy, fun activities, things that are going on around me, and spontaneous pieces of art. I want to start a series of these so years from now I can look back and remember how wonderful life is (and to see how I've grown, both as an artist and a person, over a period of time). I'll be sure to share anything fun that finds its way into the pages.

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