Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life List

This list has been in the works for months now. I was initially inspired by Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl and her Mighty Life List, but I was intimidated by the thought of actually admitting my dreams to myself. Recently I've been thinking a lot about how I tend to over-think and over-worry over just about everything and about how nice would it be to stop doing that. This is just a sneak peek, I'm still working on the list (I've decided that I won't stop at 100 things, I will allow this list to grow and change as I encounter new dreams along my journey):

Feel comfortable in my own skin.
Travel to Venice.
Travel to Italy during Masquarade.
Cosplay at an anime/comics convention.
Work in a library.
Make a living through things created with my own hands.
Play the cello.
Play the violin.
Play the bagpipes.
Sing karaoke in front of strangers.
Be at least conversational in French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, and Portuguese.
Learn Latin and Gaelic.
Attend a steampunk meet-up in full garb.
Own a balljointed doll.
Go hanggliding.
Sail a boat.
Travel to at least 15 different countries.
Sleep a night under the stars.
Walk through the woods.
Rent a villa in Tuscany.
See a Manchester United match at Old Trafford.
Pick flowers and press them in and old book.
Participate in book crossing.
Participate in post crossing.
Have a wonderful penpal experience.
Keep a pretty journal of musings, art, and poetry.
Participate in an anonymous art project designed to bring joy to others.
Go ziplining.
Learn to ride a bike.
Learn how to apply liquid eyeliner in a way that actually looks fabulous on me.
Paint a series of paintings for my room.
Create my life around my 'life as a flower shop' aesthetic.
Be comfortable cooking anything and everything.
Sort, organize, and purge my belongings.
Try out for a local theater production.
Try 1,000 new foods.
Design and create the wardrobe of my dreams.
Bicycle through the French countryside.
See the catacombs.
Attend a ball.
Grow something from seed.
Have an article published.
Enjoy a picnic in an orchard/under blooming trees.
Pick my own fruit.
Give $100 to a busker.
Attend Mass in Latin.
Become a mentor.
Attend a high school reunion in a positive state of mind.
Participate in a community garden.
Live a more sustainable life.
Have my own calligraphy style.
Pay off my student loan.
Participate in the Great American Bakesale.
Fold one thousand paper cranes.
Fill a sketchbook.
Organize my photos and create a system to organize future prints.
Research my biological family tree.
Learn how to play Mahjong.
Take a letterpress class.
Release my worries.
Learn how to and make my own candies.
Complete my inspiration and idea books.
Read through my entire bookshelf.
Learn the language of flowers.
Write a children's book.

Once I'm satisfied with my list I'll make a more permanent page for it here (this will be replacing my 101 in 1001 list for those of you that remember that from so long ago...). A big thank you goes out to Maggie for getting me to think about my dreams in a concrete way. Do you keep a life list? If so, have you shared it online? I would love to read it.