Friday, June 5, 2009

The Kindness of Strangers

Fresh Blossoms

I love those small moments when I'm reminded of the overall goodness of the people around me. These flowers were given to be a couple of weekends ago by a woman at the market I frequent for grocery shopping. She had some leftover blossoms from Mother's Day bouquets and she handed these to me as I was leaving. This gesture really struck a chord with me and these lovely blossoms cheered up my desk area for a solid two weeks reminding me of her kindness.

It can be so easy to walk around, feeling cynical towards my fellow city-mates. Watching the news only serves as a posting board of the ills of society. It's so easy to focus on that one person who cut me off in traffic or pushed me aside while shopping. Moments like these serve as a beautiful reminder that I'm surrounded by good people. They're a light in the tunnel of negative interactions. I wanted to share this with you today to remind you that a kind smile or a small gesture can go a long way in making someone's day. I wholeheartedly want to pass this feeling on to others.


  1. Well that was nice of the woman to give you some flowers! That would have made my day~ And it would have been even better if it came from a guy:) None the less that was very nice! Daisy~

  2. @ pinkstilettos It's so nice to see that there are still people, even in big cities, that want to spread kindness like that C: