Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cute Boutiques

1. Cute store, 2. mirror image at girly chic, 3. The Cupcake Boutique, 4. My favorite stationery shop so far-Art Box

When I go shopping presentation is important to me (this goes for both online and off). When the shop is presented in a cute or beautiful way I feel such a stronger pull to the products at hand. This is one of the things I love about personally owned shops. So much care and attention to detail is put into the design of the shop. You can feel the owners love and passion for their products immediately upon passing the threshold.

This has been a love of mine from a young age. I remember (and miss as both shops have since closed) the days of looking around in wonder in Christmas Goose and Ivy League. Looking at the pretty tea cups and delicate porcelain dolls. Breathing in the scents of butterscotch and roses. Hearing and savoring gentle piano melodies playing softly over the speakers. Feeling the rich velvets and fine laces. Tasting the sweet warmth of cocoa and creamy caramels that were sold in bins by the registers. Bliss. These days my tastes remain much the same. Some of my current favorites include Thyme in the Kitchen and Grimm's Gifts. What are some of your favorite shops, past or present?

With the sun streaming in through my window I am starting to become properly awake. Now that I've started to find my groove I'm feeling blissfully relaxed and cheerful.


  1. I also have to agree with you. When shops have a homey interior, it someone makes shopping more relaxing and puts you at ease :)

  2. Cute shops are just too irresistible for words! Like everytime i walk into cute boutiques, i'm tempted to buy every single thing i see *A*

  3. @Baki When shops have a homey interior, it someone makes shopping more relaxing and puts you at ease :) Exactly!

    @perfectzz I feel the same way. I have to consciously limit my purchases because I could spend so much more if I let myself >.<