Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Remember to Breathe

"There was just enough heat to enhance the value of the breeze, and just enough wind to keep the whole sea in motion, to make the waves come bounding to the shore, foaming and sparkling, as if wild with glee." - Anne Brontë

Today I come with something a little different than I had anticipated writing. I was going to post about my holiday adventure, but to start off a day of setbacks my computer decided to be problematic (thankfully it has since started working properly again). Coupled with the headache I've had since yesterday I was prepared to be in a foul mood for the day. It was then that I took to the sofa with a few new magazines where I opened to the quote above. I was struck by the beautiful imagery, by memories of myself as a young girl playing in the sand and delighting in the salty seaside air. It was then I remembered to breathe. It is so easy to get caught up in everday annoyances when in reality I am so incredibly blessed. I am off to a movie night with my mom, but I couldn't resist sharing this beautiful quote with you. Here's wishing you an evening filled with bliss.

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