Sunday, August 9, 2009

Loving Las Vegas

Skyline Shot

In the past living in Las Vegas has been a struggle for me. I grew up in a seaside town, full of lush greenery so moving to the desert where high temperatures and a lack of gardens is the norm was hard. As it looks like I'm going to be here for a few more years I'm going to start making the most of it. There are little gems nestled amongst the rocks here, and I'm determined to search them out. I'll be sharing some of my favorite places and seeking out some new experiences. I'm looking forward to this new adventure of exploring my own town and seeing things from a new perspective.

This got me thinking, what are some of your favorite things about where you live? Have you had to make the most of living somewhere that didn't feel like home? Any tricks of the trade to share?


  1. I love DC but there are certainly aspects that drive me up the wall - no meaningful access to the Atlantic, for one. Growing up on rocky beaches and being in the big city really shook me at first. Over the years I've come to appreciate each differently :)

  2. I feel like it's kind of hard living in "The South" with an interest in Asian cultures & foods. I just try to make the most of it by finding all the cute stores, shops and groceries, even if it's a drive that takes over 30 minutes.

    I was very envious of all the ample Asian things available when I visited California, right down to the conveniece stores!!! But there are charming parts about the south that I do love, so I think I have found a good balance for now.

    Btw I know I haven't really commented on this blog or your journal lately, but I just spent my Saturday morning drinking royal milk tea, eating melon pan, and reading through your entries here :) I love reading your stuff, Eri! <3 I hope you continue.

    - Meru

  3. @atlimbo I definitely know where you're coming from in regards to the ocean. Driving hours to hit even the nearest beach can be so frustrating. I agree about appreciating each differently, I think that's the key to falling in love with any city. It can be far to easy to get caught up in comparisons.

    @koneko That would be so frustrating! Hopefully with the surging popularity of Asian culture you'll have some cute new shops in your area soon. I'm definitely envious of California (have you seen that new Japanese mall they're building in San Fran? it looks amazing).

    Also, thank you so much! ♥