Monday, October 5, 2009

Disney Live

The start of October brings with it wonderful changes in the air. Life is looking up again and things are starting to fall back into place. I have some new posts in the works and am in the process of freshening up the layout. In the meantime though I'll recap a bit of my weekend...

image from signal tribune

Last Thursday mom called me to excitedly inform me that she won free passes to see Disney on Ice for Friday. As a child Disney on Ice was one of our annual past times, I can't remember ever missing a year. I was stoked to relive a treasured part of my childhood, what could go wrong?

Arriving at the venue I noticed that the signs all said Disney Live, no mention of ice in sight. Mom has misread the tickets. Instead of seeing favorite characters performing on skates we were the only two adults sans children at a stage performance based on characters from Playhouse Disney. The basic plot involved Mickey and friends traveling around the world on a bus to find performers for their talent show. Songs ranged from the classic So This is Love from Cinderella to a modern rap performed by Tigger. There were also some varied references to Singin' in the Rain and the SNL 'More Cowbell!' skit that were fun to catch.

Honestly despite the crazy mix-up I'm glad we decided to sit it out instead of heading home like we were tempted to initially. I can't remember laughing like that in a long time (though admittedly a good portion of that was at the sheer irony of it all) and it was fun to see how excited the children were. There's nothing quite like the transparent joy of a child to remind you how amazing it can feel to just let go and have fun.

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