Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blow Away

Just a short post tonight as I am up to my knees in Christmas preparations. I have about one and a half ornaments left to stitch up and all of my cards to write, but I am determined to finish by December first (or at least by next weekend when I will have a chance to head to the post office). I would like everything to reach its intended recipient by Christmas this year...

During this spree of crafting I've been listening to a lot of music and one song that keeps coming up on my playlist is Blow Away from A Fine Frenzy. It's a fun song, but what I truly love is the video. The whimsical styling! The clothing! Her gorgeous hair (that I am determined to find a way to recreate). Unfortunately I can't seem to find an embeddable version, but here's the official video on YouTube: Here.

In the spirit of sharing, what's your favorite music video right now?

PS. Actually, I was able to find an embeddable version (though the linked one above is still of higher quality):

Blow Away

a fine frenzy | MySpace Music Videos

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