Sunday, January 24, 2010

Those Rainy Days

This past week has been a wonderland of rain storms, a relative rarity in the desert. There's nothing better than curling up under the covers and listening to the rain against the rooftops. As tempting as it can be to nap and read all day I do like to get out and actually enjoy the rain when I can. From curling my toes in the wet grass at the park to window shopping at my favorite outdoor shopping district. It's been bliss.

This weekend has been a respite from the storms that are supposed to start up again tomorrow. I'll think I'll celebrate the crisp newness that follows a storm by walking over to get lunch and coffee. There are some plans afoot and this would be the perfect excuse to get a change of scenery. How has your weekend been?


  1. I love the rain... it's very refreshing especially in places when it doesn't rain much... ;)

  2. @ Elie's Papel I love that this year, at least so far, has been so generous with rainfall. I agree, it's so refreshing!