Sunday, February 14, 2010

Year of the Tiger

As promised, I've come to share my photos from the Chinese New Year exhibit at the Bellagio gardens with you. The year of the Tiger is said to symbolize power, force, and strength. If you're curious about the traditional customs of Chinese (or Lunar) New Year, this website has a wealth of information. Do you or your family celebrate? If you, what are your favorite parts of the holiday? Personally, I love the lantern festival at the end of the 15-days. Even though our city doesn't have a large China Town (comparative to other cities our size), they always put on a wonderful festival.


  1. i like the whole garden, but the lampions are my favourite! the red fits perfectly into the green surrounding. really nice!!

  2. @Janneke Those were my favorites as well! I love how they were set up.