Thursday, November 25, 2010

Give Thanks

I had intended this post to be a list of one hundred things I am thankful for as inspired from pastor's sermon at Thanksgiving service, but while writing that list I became some overwhelmed with just how blessed I am that posting the list felt trite. I do still have my list tucked lovingly into my favorite notebook to remind me of how amazing life is, but I thought I would keep this brief. When I think back to exactly a year ago I can't believe how unrecognizable my life was compared to what it is now. I had lost both of my grandparents, it felt like our family was falling apart. I was well over a year into a fruitless job search. I had some amazing friends scattered around the globe, but none that I could reach out and hug when it felt like life was being pulled out from under me. My head spins at the thought that this was my reality a year ago and even less. Things couldn't be more different now. I'm forging connections with family again. I have a stable job that I am deeply thankful for. I have the most amazing friends that I could never have dreamed of having. I constantly pinch myself and wait for this dream to evaporate into the ether, but it doesn't. My heart bursts with joy and praise for God every morning when I wake up. Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale indeed.

While I am not traditional when it comes to my Thanksgiving celebrations, I wholeheartedly love the feelings of gratitude that surround the holiday. I also believe in keeping those feelings year round. I'm particularly fond of keeping a blessings notebook. So many of the things are simple, trivial pleasures, but those are what make up the tapestries of our lives. I'm thinking about starting a weekly series highlighting the things that bring me bliss. On the topic of blogging and thankfulness, many thanks do out to my co-worker and her daughter-in-law from bringing back my computer from the depths of certain doom. Now that I have a working computer again for the first time in about a month I can get back on track again ♥

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. That was a beautiful post Erica. I think gratitude is one of the things that makes like most enjoyable. It doesn't matter your circumstances, if you can be grateful, you can be happy. And you do sound really happy! :)