Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where Women Cook

Where Women Cook

I've been excited about Where Women Cook since I first heard about it a few months ago. I already loved Where Women Create, so why wouldn't I enjoy reading about the other creative center of the home? After several days of searching I finally found and bought a copy last night and I wasn't disappointed. As with all Stampington publications it was beautifully photographed with wonderful stories and some fantastic sounding recipes. It was more than that for me though. About midway through I noticed that my mind was going a mile a minute. I wasn't just focusing on the words in front of me, but also on ideas that were slowly starting to take root. I felt a spark of that passion that I haven't felt for the past six months. It felt good.

I don't know why, but I've spent a lot of my time dismissing food and cooking as simply a hobby. Pretending to myself that I'm not really that interested, that I just cook "out of necessity." That may have been true once, but definitely not anymore. I didn't start off enjoying my time in the kitchen. I was uncomfortable touching raw meat. I didn't even understand basic techniques beyond how to use a microwave. Sure, I grew up watching cooking shows on PBS and occasionally baking cookies with my grandma, but I was never very hands-on about it. That changed when my mom married my stepdad about five years ago. We moved into his condo after the wedding and with both of them working long hours and my schedule at college getting me home around noon everyday it was logical that I make dinner. For the first few years that's all it was. I had a passing interest in the Food Network, but I always thought it wasn't for me. It was all about ease and prepackaged foods. One day this all started to shift, I don't even remember what the catalyst was. I found myself intent on watching the Food Network. I could spend hours at the library or book store perusing cookbook after cookbook for new inspirations. Then I started to create my own recipes. I can talk for hours about flavor combinations and textures. I spend a good deal of time and money exploring new culinary experiences. I'm passionate about food, in every aspect. The look, the taste, the aroma. I love it all. Food photography makes me giddy with excitement. Shopping for new kitchen equipment is my bliss. It's time I stopped shying away from it.

I don't know that this will ever end up leading me somewhere specific, but it's a weight off of my shoulders to finally be honest. In the meantime it's off to make some pizza and enjoy this wonderfully overcast and cozy evening.

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