Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hey, Soul Sister

Wine Amplified, Part 2
If you don't have 'Attend a Train concert while sipping a glass of wine (preferably while standing in water).' on your life list I would definitely reconsider. A while back I had a chance to attend Wine Amplified as a last hoorah on my final pay check from my accounting job. I love Train and seeing as learning more about wine is on my life list I thought the event was the perfect fit. And it was. I was a little unsure how fun it would be going by myself, but I had the best time. The concert and wine tasting was all set up around the Mandalay Bay pool (which is set up to look like a beach, complete with sand and wave pool). Let me tell you, there is nothing like sipping good wine, under the stars, on a cool night with good music. Through the experience I have learned that I definitely prefer red wine to white. Rose wine is delicious, especially when it's sparkling. And ice wine is amazing. There were also some intriguing drinks like a red wine infused chocolate that was basically the texture of a ganache. Amazing.

And as for the concert? I had my glass refilled and decided to actually go up to the front of the stage. There really aren't words to describe how fantastic it was. Train's music in general tends to strike a chord in me, but being there live just took that to a whole new level. Knee deep in the wave pool on a still night looking up at the stars? Bliss. They have such a great stage presence too. I don't think Pat stood still for more than five seconds, which is why these blurry photos were the best I could manage. At one point he even took his shoes off and jumped down into the water. Marry Me just about broke my heart.

Seriously, if you get the chance, add this to your list.

Wine Amplified

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