Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Memories

It's a Disney Christmas

Sitting in my living room and looking at the Christmas tree I am transported back to this time last year and the spontaneous road trip my friend Emily and I took to Disneyland. Despite being from Southern California, I had never been to Disneyland during the holiday season. It was pure magic. Looking back through the photos I am transported back to the sights and sounds. It was unusually hot for the month of December and we roasted in our winter sweaters. I remember ice cream excursions, clam chowder in New Orleans Square, and shopping. I remember the childhood wonder of seeing the decorations and walking down Main Street for the first time in so many years. I remember mini-parades, carolers, and the absolute magic of the castle lighting at night. I remember waiting for hours to get a good spot for the fireworks and "snow storm,"laughing and dancing once it finally got underway. These are memories I will treasure forever.

With this holiday season underway I'm thinking about the amazing memories to be made this year. As amazing as the Happiest Place on Earth is, you don't need grand gestures and big occassions to make wonderful memories. I think of hot cocoa shared with loved ones. Secret Santas. Christmas decorating parties. Blasting Christmas music in the car. Crafting and cooking. Writing cards and reminicing on the year gone by. Christmas Eve candlelight service. All of those special, little moments that make up our daily lives. As I leave you with this quote from Mike Mason and some more photos today I want to hear from you. What memories are you making this Christmas?

"It's moments that count, more than the grand scheme. Live great moments and the rest will sort itself out." - Mike Mason

Christmas on Main Street

New Orleans Square

Frog Princess

Main Street, at Night

It's a Small World

Magical Castle

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