Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August Days

August is here and with it brings some relatively exciting plans. As of yesterday I finished up the course work for my summer classes so the remainder of this month I will have extra free time to create. One of my big goals is to work on the layout and get this place up to snuff. I've been brainstorming some layout ideas, but the only concrete idea is for the color scheme (I'm going to stick with the pink/green). I want to create some sort of banner and make a proper 'about' page since this one is fairly old.

From a more physical standpoint I also have a few projects lined up. I'm in the process of making a set of paper flowers. I have the materials set to go for a ribbon bracelet and three purses. My new sewing book, Sew Pretty Homestyle, came in the mail over the weekend and it has a bevy of projects that I want to try. Unfortunately finances might get in the way a little bit this month thanks to the multitude of new book releases that I'm interested in. I need to get a start on holiday planning if I want to make homemade gifts again this year...

That is the one positive to the fact that this tends to be the hottest month of the year. With all of this heat I have no urge to go outside so that gives me more time to spend inside with my crafts. Of course I can't wait for autumn though. I've cleaned up the patio significantly and plan to do so again when the weather permits. I would love to use it as an outdoor studio of sorts to get a change of scenery.

Here's hoping that this coming month is filled with joy and creativity.

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