Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Evolution and Notebooks

The first few months of a blog is certainly a time of evolution. I've been thinking today about other things that I want to use this blog for. Of course I'll be using this space for my own creative endeavors, but I want this space to be even more. I want to be able to provide inspiration for myself and others. I want to showcase others whose work inspires me. This is for practical reasons as well. There are times that I wont have anything of my own to share (or in my case at the moment I'll have things, but I wont have taken photos yet). I don't want this space to stagnate in between. This is the first of what I'm sure will be many many evolutions of my blog.

This week I've been thinking about back to school. As a child this was always one of my favorite times of the year. I loved the crispness of new supplies, clean and shiny in their newness. They represented possibilities. What would I write in that notebook? What will I be doing with those colored pencils? What goodies would line this lunch box? As I got older the draw of new supplies never faded. Now that I'm taking my courses through the internet I no longer need to spend an August weekend scouring the school eisle. Despite this I still have piles of notebooks and a passion for colored pencils. I've repurposed my lunch materials as bento equipment. I don't think my love of school/office supplies will ever fade.

In honor of that I've decided to share some fabulous Etsy notebook incarnations. For the record I did not make these nor am I affiliated with the artists in any way. These pieces just happen to be objects that I admire. Happy browsing!

Bright Floral Notebook » I am in love with the vibrancy of this notebook! The colors are so bold. The ribbon and flower are wonderfully textural.

Pink and Green Floral Notebook » What's not to love about the pink and green color scheme on this notebook? The heart charm is a cute touch.

Sketchbook and Cover » I love to carry a sketch book around with me whenever I go out. I used to do this when I was in school to avoid filling my course notebooks with doodles (I'm a bit picky when it comes to organization in some cases). This one has a stylish and colorful pattern and the ribbons on the spirals are a fun touch.

Sea of Chocolate Journal » This handbound journal is made up of white paper which is nice for both art and writing. The blue and brown swirl makes for a lovely and elegant cover.

What are your favorite notebooks?

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