Friday, May 15, 2009

Plush Toast

Plush Toast, originally uploaded by QuirkyCharm.

Over the past few years I've found that I enjoy the genre of cute food with faces. Being also a fan of plushies combining the two was inevitable. I particularly love the range of adorable felt creations that have been cropping up over recent years. Felt is such a great medium: it's inexpensive, flexible, and readily available. So began my first foray into handmade plush creations...

Why toast? I was inspired by this tutorial and compared to other foods/objects there was a small materials list and a simpler shape. Though I had purchased the materials months before it took a long morning stretching open with possibilities to get me to pick up needle and thread.

This being my first go at this sort of project it took me around two hours from start to finish (this was also my first attempt in many years at any sort of embroidery work so I had a little trouble getting the eyes not to be lopsided). Once I got in the groove of the project everything flowed well with only a few minor finger pricks. Though there are a few things I will change on my next attempt I am pleased by the end result. This was a fun way to pass the morning and a hobby that I plan on picking up more often (I'm at work on a cake design from the Softies book at the moment).

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