Monday, June 1, 2009

Warm Weather

Strawberry Lemonade

The days of summer are nearly upon us (and here in the desert it feels as though they've already arrived). While I don't know if I would classify summer as my favorite time of year, though it certainly does have its advantages. This year in particular I am filled with excitement at the prospects of this coming season. These are a few of my favorite (summer) things:

• sipping ice cold lemonade on the patio on a hot afternoon
• ice pops in a rainbow of flavors
• swimming the day away at the neighborhood pool
• fun movies at the theaters almost every weekend
• playing at the park (I'm particularly partial to frisbee and badminton)
• the feel of my desk fan on my face
• afternoons spent exploring the world and beyond through the pages of a book simply because it's too hot to do anything else
• long days perfect for fitting in all sorts of new excitement
• participating in the blogathon
• the rare summer storm that lifts the oppressive heat, however briefly
• going to concerts, there always seem to be more of them in the summer
• deliciously crisp salads and refreshing sandwiches
• the blissful feeling of a light breeze on a sweltering afternoon
• ... and so much more waiting to be discovered!

In relation to the first item on the list (and the above photo) I'll share one of my favorite ways to make a simple, refreshing summer treat. This is one of those delightful accidents that has since become a frequent in my house. I purchased some pre-made lemonade from the market and it was a little bitter for my taste. A little bit of sugar and some defrosted frozen strawberries did just the trick (and now I can make my own without having to pay more for dressed up lemonade that can be difficult to find - I also love doing this with raspberries). After blending I do recommend straining the seeds out, they add an awkward crunch particularly toward the bottom of the carafe where they tend to settle.

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