Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Day in the Park

A Taste of Shakespeare

For Memorial Day weekend I spent the day at the Springs Preserve for their A Taste of Shakespeare event. In their outdoor amphitheaters (as pictured above) local actors performed a major scene from six of Shakespeare's plays. It was a lovely way to spend a day and the actors did an excellent job (especially considering how hot they must have been in their costumes). In addition to the plays that had live orchestra music playing and booths of enticing confections (I was able to have my first taste of fresh fairy floss in years - thanks to mom for holding it so I could get a clear photo).

I love that they're doing more events at the preserve. It's a beautiful location filled to the brim with natural desert plants and examples of desert landscaping (a major goal of the preserve is to educate the public on conservation and green living). This is a good time of year to go as the flowers are in bloom and the colors of nature are so vibrant.

Cotton Candy
the aforementioned fairy floss

Delicate Blossom
these trees were everywhere, their blossoms are so light and ethereal

Desert Landscape
a more traditional example of desert landscaping

Hanging Pods
these were such a beautiful, vibrant green

Lone Blossom
this little meadow area was filled with a variety of purple hues

Little Stream
this little stream made such a relaxing sound


  1. Oh, these pictures are so pretty! I really wish I could visit a place like this. *_*

    (By the way, this is Jess/palladium from LJ. ^_^)

  2. Thank you! ❤
    I hope you get a chance to someday, I know you would love it.

    (Thanks for stopping by/commenting! I love the design of your new blog so far - and the name is fantastic)