Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How's It Growing?


Rewind to a couple of weeks ago. I went out and purchased a set of plants from the nursery of a large chain store, consulting the plant caretaker along the way. I came away with the necessary materials and the enthusiasm to plant them. That night I set everything up, spending a few hours with my hands covered in potting soil. The act of planting is something I find relaxing, I've found. I love the feeling of dirt on my hands, surrounded by the beauty of nature. I was quite happy with the end result.

Garden Version 1.0

Fast forward to this past week and the plants are all essentially dead. Though I mentioned that the plants I was looking to purchase needed to be able to withstand four hours of direct sunlight a day I was saddened to find that these plants did not fit the bill. Things started to go downhill fast, even though I was moving the planter around the patio so it could stay in the shade after I realized that the direct sun was scorching them. I changed the amount of water I was using. I tried tip after tip online. Alas, it was not meant to be. I have learned a lot this time around (and after further investigation I've learned that the Dahlias each had a bad case of root rot when I brought them home so not matter what the conditions they would not have survived). I feel more comfortable with gardening, the act is no longer so intimidating. I've learned the things to watch for when picking out a plant (make sure the soil isn't too wet, if the plant has a white ring right above the root system it most likely has root rot).

I've been debating on how to share this here. Did I want to keep my blog only for my successes and triumphs? In the end I decided to go with what is most authentic. To keep this true to myself and my life I need to share my failures too. To share the lessons I've learned from my mistakes. This was my first real try at gardening and I am not going to give up now (though I will be using a different nursery this time). I will go in armed with my new lessons, a little less naive of the process.


  1. Aww, I'm sorry about the plants. But I'm glad it's opened you up to the possibility of planting more and more often. Therapeutic acitivies are such a plus!

  2. @ christina Thank you! C: They really are, it's so important to have relaxing activities when everything else has the tendency to be so chaotic.