Monday, June 29, 2009

On the Right Foot

1. Cupcakes and tea!, 2. Star Cookies, 3. yellow shoes, 4. "I like sitting over the roofs"

Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to my weekly post where I will be sharing some of the flickr photos that inspire me, things I loved about the previous week, things I'm looking forward to, and some of my favorite links. Please feel free to join me either in comments or via your own blog, I would love to see what's inspiring you ❤

André Rieu | I expanded on this in my last post, but I'm still feeling the effects of the concert. I've been feeling inspired by the concert all week.

Running | Or, more accurately, I should say speed walking. I finally found a park close enough that actually has a track so as of Saturday I've started up a new routine that's goal is to ease me into running. I'm a little sore, but the effects have already been fantastic. My mood has been through the roof.

Early Mornings | This is tied into the above point because I have to get up at 4:50AM to get to the park (to accommodate my mom's work schedule - we're keeping each other accountable by being exercise buddies). I used wake this early throughout high school when I used to walk before school, but after moving to an unsafe area I let the habit lapse. I love that time of day though and I'm finding such bliss in getting back into that groove. Everything feels so fresh and new. The air is cooler (an important consideration in the desert summer) and full of possibilities. The birds are chirping. It's wonderful.

Things I'm Anticipating | crossing off things on my new list of things to accomplish • working on my inspiration books • all of the fun activities planned for next weekend's holiday • ... and so much more!

bella pilar's portfolioflower headband tutorial @ homemade by jillfingerless gloves @ knittyfelt rose ring how-to @ cout out + keepa fun carnival wedding @ green wedding shoes

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