Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Making Madeleines


For a long time madeleines have been one of my favorite treats. I love their buttery lightness, their depth of flavor despite the use of so few ingredients. Unfortunately I rarely indulged in this love as the store bought varieties are generally over-priced and rarely fresh tasting. Recently this all changed thanks to the purchase of a madeleine pan.

I was intimidated by the sheer number of recipes available (and some of the techniques they required). When I stumbled across the one on 101 Cookbooks I knew it was the one to try. I was still intimidated by browning the butter as I felt I would surely burn it, but in the end all was well. The process went smoothly and the resulting taste is heaven. I definitely recommend giving this a try especially as you probably have all of the ingredients already in your pantry.

Madeleines @ 101 Cookbooks

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