Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Gingham

I've been seeing gingham everywhere lately (a sure sign of summer) and I've been feeling so inspired by it. For me gingham evokes images of picnics in the park, the cool summer breeze at twilight, fun memories at the beach, sweet afternoons in the orchard, and summers spent with family as a little girl (gingham was a wardrobe staple for me at the time). Sadly I've come to notice that I no longer own anything gingham besides the interior of my picnic basket.

When I saw these shoes on the pages of a magazine it was love at first sight. It got me thinking, what other cute gingham pieces are out there? With that in mind I remembered stumbling across Polyvore months ago though I had promptly forgot about my account at the time. I had a lot of fun searching out some cute pieces to put together in a virtual inspiration board of sorts (this is something I will most likely be doing more often). I fell in love with frilly tops and sweet details. Unfortunately I can't afford any new pieces right now, but I can live vicariously through looking at the pretty pictures. If you're curious about any of the above pieces, click the image for their prices/sources.

What are the styles of summer that give you fond memories?

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