Wednesday, June 17, 2009

101 in 1001 Days

Start Date: April 16, 2009
End Date: January 12, 2012

Big Things
• Get a job with the library.
• Pay off my credit card.
• Open a savings account.
• Learn how to drive.
• Write a personal code.

• Participate in the Great American Bakesale.
• Earn at least $50 for charity during a blogathon event.
• Create a list of causes I'm passionate about and find ways to support them.

• Sell something on Etsy.
Earn more page views for Quirky Charm, having a day with at least one hundred views. ( 345/100 )
+ 345 on July 25th, 2009
• Completely organize my iTunes music.
• Create pages for Quirky Charm.
+ 101 in 1001 page
• Research and incorporate personal branding.
• Redo my journal tags.
• Create a comprehensive list of movies I want to watch.
• Create a Las Vegas guide through regular posts at Quirky Charm.

• Create twenty five pieces of random acts of kindness art. ( 00/25 )
• Fold one thousand paper cranes. ( 0000 / 1000 )
• Sew ten new pieces for my wardrobe. ( 00/10 )
• Complete Project 365. ( 000/365 )
• Make an amigurumi.
• Design a series of cute mascot characters.
• Submit a piece of art or a photograph to Somerset Life.
• Create a doll wardrobe of at least ten pieces. ( 00/10 )
• Learn to create clay charms.
• Expand my knitting repetoire by trying three new projects. ( 0/3 )
• Complete five new embroidery projects. ( 0/5)
• Learn calligraphy.
• Take five new crafting courses from JoAnne's. ( 0/5 )
• Learn how to make my own candles.
• Fill a sketchbook.
• Pick up acrylics again.
• Improve my jewelry making by successfully finishing a challenging project.
• Take a good profile photo.
• Create a keepsake plush.
• Fill a journal.
• Put all photos in scrapbooks.
• Use the three canvases I am currently storing away.
• Purchase a tripod.

• Learn conversational Japanese.
• Improve my French.
• Read or re-read all Jane Austen novels.
• Study my family ancestry (biological).
• Learn all of the world flags.
• Pick up my Latin studies again.
• Create a comprehensive resource guide for subjects I'm interested in.

Friends + Family
• Bake five gifts for others. ( 0/5 )
• Send cards for all birthdays for a year.
• Make my own Christmas cards.
• Get and keep up with a penpal.

Games + Sports
• See a football match live.
• Own a Manchester United jersey.
• Be able to clearly explain the offside rule.
• Learn how to play Mahjong.
• Play an RPG videogame from start to finish.

Health + Beauty
• Take control of my health by creating positive eating habits and an exercise routine.
• Learn to create deco nails.
• Have my ears pierced.
• Create a natural beauty regimen.
• Research natural healing.

In the Kitchen
• Purchase a crepe pan.
• Design and create three charaben designs. ( 0/3 )
• Create a signature ice cream dish from scratch.
• Enter an Iron Cupcake competition.
• Learn cake decorating.
• Learn cookie decorating techniques.
• Make a Gâteau de Crepes.
• Learn how to make macarons.
• Create a personal cookbook of my favorite recipes.
• Purchase a French press coffee maker.
• Try at least one new food each month. ( 04/33 )
+ blackberry latte
+ various mushroom varieties
+ lychee
+ gummy tummy penguins

• Learn how to make homemade candies.

Local Happenings
• Attend a performance of the local symphony.
• Attend a ballet.
• Take a wine tasting course.
• Eat at the Eiffel Tower restaurant.
• Attend all community theater performances I'm interested in.
• Keep up with library bulletin events.
• See Phantom of the Opera live.
• Go on another bus adventure.
• Attend high tea at the Ritz.
• Visit the Bellagio gardens for each display change for an entire year

My Room
• Purchase a Blythe or Pullip doll.
• Complete my inspiration books.
• Create an organized wishlist.
• Read through my entire book collection and donate materials that I am no longer interested in.
• Catalog and organize all of my possessions, donating anything that I no longer love.
• Find a way to incorporate fairy lights into my room.
• Create a pretty bed canopy.

Nature + Green Living
• Successfully grow a plant from seed.
• Learn the language of flowers.
• Obtain canvas shopping bags.
• Visit an orchard and pick my own fruit.
• Participate in a community cleanup.
• Create recycle bins for the condo.

• Study poetry writing and write five new poems. ( 0/5 )
• Complete a fanfic challenge.
• Write a children's book.
• Retool a classic fairy tale.
• Finish writing Fairy's Delight.
• Finish a short story prompt challenge.