Saturday, July 25, 2009

Afternoon Tea

1. {tea and muffins}, 2. new year's tea, 3. Tea Cozy, 4. a Cup of Tea and a Slice of Cake, please***

Afternoon tea is one of my favorite daily rituals. From extravagant hotels to a small mug as a respite from a busy day and everything in between, I love it all. Life has the tendency to get so hectic that taking a moment to have quiet and a comforting beverage goes a long way in restoring my energy and spirits. Tea snacks themselves are also pretty fabulous from tiny cakes to savory finger sandwiches (I'm partial to cucumber or egg personally). As for what tea varieties I like, it varies by my mood. When I need to relax and take a breath green tea is my best bet, but when I need to be re-energized I prefer a hearty Irish breakfast or a spicy ginger variety. What are your tea preferences?

I'm feeling a little loopy over here (I've been fighting back a cold this past week and I think it's catching up with me). I have no plans to stop though, last year I made it through while pretty much delirious with fever so a little cold isn't going to stop me.

Song of the Half Hour: 오, 아, 오 - Big Bang

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