Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Storms

1. Umbrella HBW, 2. Cannaregio Rain, Venice II, 3. Rain Boots!, 4. December Rain on State Street

When I planned this prompt I had no idea how applicable it would be. Normally during the summer there is nary a cloud in sight, but this last week it's been a different story. At least once a day there's been a brief rainstorm followed by a few hours of thunder and lightning. This is absolutely one of my favorite things, it's the perfect weather for curling up with a good book and relishing the sounds of the storm. Storms also remind me of being a little girl, sitting on the driveway in a plastic chair and watching the lightning with my uncle. What's your favorite type of summer weather?

I spent the last half hour watching random Big Bang videos on youtube with mom, so that was fun (though I'm running a little behind as a result). I wonder what I'll get up to now that everyone is heading to bed.

Song of the Half Hour: Se7olution - Se7en


  1. I love Big Bang Theory, and I love those boots!

  2. I'm a rain girl too, and it's been a great summer for storms. If only it would rain right now...

    2/3 of the way done! Fabulous!

  3. @Meredith It's such a funny show (though in this case I was referring to the Korean pop group) ❤ I wish they would make cute boots like this in adult sizes :c

    @Pico I hope you get a lovely storm in your neck of the woods soon! Hehe, I still can't believe that we still have eight hours left.