Saturday, July 25, 2009

And So It Begins...

1. “We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness”, 2. It's Coffee Time copy, 3. The Sparrow Family, 4. Breakfast in NZ

Good morning everyone! Looking out my window it looks like today might be another continuation of the summer storms we've been having all week, the perfect weather to stay cozy inside and blog. I mentioned it a few posts ago, but I'll recap for anyone just popping in this beautiful morning. For the next 24-hours I'll be posting once every half hour to benefit First Book (click here for more information on the mechanics and to see everyone who's participation in the blogathon this year). I would like to give a sincere thank you to my three sponsors who've helped me to raise $20 for this awesome cause. Sponsorship is open all day if you would still like to donate (here is the link). I would also like to thank the people over at First Book, they've been awesome to work with.

From my earlier post on the blogathon:
This year I'm blogging for First Book and I couldn't be more excited. Books played a huge roll in my childhood. They were cherished friends who gave me comfort, joy, and adventure. Reading is still dear to my heart, fiction to non-fiction and everything in between. A good book can make all the difference on a tough day. Through books we can relate to people through time and space. Books can reassure us, they can guide us, they can give us inspiration. It breaks my heart that there are so many who don't know this simple pleasure, especially children.

I'm looking forward to sharing today with all of you. This year I'll be doing themed posts of some of my favorite things with images and links where applicable. I'll be sharing some of my favorites from around flickr too. I'm also hoping that you will share some of your favorites in the comments to make this an interactive experience.

Since I still have a little while before this officially starts... How are you doing this morning? Considering I spent the night tossing and turning (I finally gave up and got up at 5AM) I'm actually feeling pretty peppy right now.


  1. I think it's a symptom of Blogathon, I had trouble falling asleep last night, then I woke up at 6:15 (I only had to be up at 8:30, my time zone started at 9) and tossed and turned until it was finally time to get up.

    (And naturally I fell asleep hardest when I only had about 20 minutes left.)

    Good luck!

  2. Good luck! I'll be stopping by :3

  3. @Sherry That does seem to be how it tends to end up, I seem to do the same thing each year too. Good luck to you as well!

    @Baki Thanks and good luck to you too! ❤