Sunday, July 26, 2009


1. 86 Vintage Summer Sorbet Lucite, Flower and Glass Bead Mix, 2. Czech Glass Beads: Pinks, 3. Tiny Beaded Birthday Party Cuppycakes, 4. bead table

Beading is something I've been interested in for years, but have only recently gotten around to trying. My love of beads comes from my mom. As a little girl I could spend hours sorting through her array of colors and shapes. I loved the tiny and colorful seed beads best. Now I collect beads wherever I can. The variety available is astounding as is the history and culture behind many of the styles. Right now I work predominantly with bracelets, but I'm working to learn more and expand my repertoire.

Including this post there are only nine to go, we're definitely getting there. This is the hard part though, I can't seem to focus on much of anything right now. I think I'll get up and stretch for a little while to see if that helps.

Song of the Half Hour: Cellogic - 김영민

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