Saturday, July 25, 2009


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Carousels are a big part of my memories of being a little girl. I can still remember when one was put in the local mall. It was such a treat to make a special trip to ride one of the shining horses decked out in their finest. I would dress up in something that would allow me to twirl and feel like a princess. After all, riding those horses made me feel like royalty so why not look the part? What I would ride would vary. Would I choose the majestic black stallion, the delicate white mare, or something a little more fantastical (the sea horses were one of my favorites). Climbing onto the saddle was always accompanied by a trill of fear, but the rush of the breeze was always worth it. That carousel has since closed down, but carousels will always be a favorite for me at any carnival or amusement part. Do you have any fond carousel memories? A favorite type of horse perhaps?

I am feeling much better for having had breakfast (quiche and melon ❤). The groove is definitely starting to set in. Now maybe I'll be able to start visiting more blogs.

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