Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cello Music

1. cello, 2. My Cello at the Cathedral, 3. Cello, 4. Cello III

I am a big fan of classical music and my favorite instrument is definitely the cello. Its rich melodies are like dark chocolate for the ears. My love affair with this beautiful instrument started in eighth grade. It was my first year in orchestra and I played the double bass. Seated as I was behind the cellos I had my first up close introduction to that beautiful sound. One of these days I want to purchase one of my very own and teach myself to play. Until then I will delight in any cello music I can find.

Do you have a favorite orchestral (or other for that matter) instrument?

Music is definitely getting me through this lull. Two years ago during my fist blogathon someone told me that getting up and dancing/jumping was the best way to wake up again and that has definitely proven true for me.

Song of the Half Hour: Zero Gravity - David Archuleta


  1. I loooooooooove the cello! I wanted to play it, a long time ago, but it was still bigger than me when I got into music so I played clarinet instead.

  2. @Katie The clarinet is so beautiful! It's the instrument that made me debate going into band instead of orchestra.