Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sea Shells

1. Sea shells, 2. Sea shells, 3. sea shells, 4. Sea Shells on the sea shore

Growing up in a sea side town has given me a life long love of shells. Collecting them is actually on of my favorite beach activities (I absolutely will not go beyond calf deep in water I can't see through so swimming on the California coastline is pretty much out for me). I love coming through the sand, seeing tiny corners peeking out while the wet sand squishes deliciously between my toes. It's like a magical treasure hunt where the jewels are instead tiny delicate shells in an impossible number of colors and varieties. I keep a small box of my treasures and I love looking at it and allowing those tactile memories to flood back.

What are your favorite beach-side activities?

Hazelnut coffee is delicious. Unfortunately caffeine has no effect on me, but the flavor is a nice change. SIX MORE HOURS!! And so the home stretch begins...

Song of the Half Hour: Viva la Vida - Coldplay


  1. Six more hours, yes, but we've already done three times that many! It's all downhill (and gorgeous shells) from here. :)

  2. @Pico So true! We're definitely in the home stretch now.