Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cloud Watching

1. Watching The Clouds, 2. singfest08 - day 1: watching clouds go by, 3. Cloud watching Daisies, 4. cloud watching

Cloud watching is one of my favorite activities for when I need to take a breath and relax. It's difficult to feel rushed while laying on my back in the moist grass, looking up at the blue sky. Though we don't have many overcast days here we often have fluffy white clouds dotting the sky. I'm content to simply watch them flit by in the wind. This is particularly beautiful at sunrise and sunset when those plain clouds become painted with a palette of shades ranging from the brightest of reds to the softest of purples. Pure bliss.

I purposely saved this post for this time as the sun is just now starting to illuminate the sky more and more. The clouds that are still hanging about look beautiful. Sweet sleep is so close, only half an hour more. At least this past half hour went by a little more quickly thanks to my kitty's antics.

Song of the Half Hour: Elevation - U2


  1. Blogathon 2009: done! You did it, you did it, you did it -- and you did it in style and with gorgeous photos. Amazing, fabulous, outstanding job.

    Now get some sleep. :)

  2. @Pico I am very excited to get some sleep :)

    Thank you so much! And thank you for being such an awesome monitor.