Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hair Accessories

1. Anna Posy Garland Headband , 2. Cherry POP Headband, 3. Headband detail, 4. New Feather Headbands!

This ties in with my post on personal style, but as hair accessories are a key part of my wardrobe I thought they deserved a post of their own. Hair accessories were key for me from a young age. I remember as a little girl sitting on the stool in my grandma's bathroom as she would put my hair in twin braids with a variety of different clips (my favorites were of little poodles). Then there were the ribbons she would weave into my styles or the giant head bows that I would wear. Then as I got older I opted more often for a ponytail or bun, to keep my hair off of my face and nothing else. All of this changed last November when I cut my hair to an asymmetrical chin-length cut (my hair was down to my waist at this point) the made it impossible to pull my hair back. Now I have amassed quite the collection of headbands (I'm particularly partial to large side-bows or flowers) and cute barrettes. How do you wear your hair? Have you ever made a drastic change that made you reevaluate the way you style it?

Munching on a slice of BBQ pizza and working on some miscellaneous layout stuff I'm feeling a lot more productive. Hopefully that feeling will stick around.

Song of the Half Hour: Rain (Oh-chan) - Arashi


  1. I wish I had hair that was interesting enough to have all those options. I did recently get turquoise bangs and highlights, though, so maybe that makes up for it. :)

    Halfway home! You are doing an AWESOME job!

  2. @Pico Turquoise hair is so pretty! The combination of bangs/highlights sounds like an awesome one.