Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fairy Lights + Lanterns

1. Lantern, 2. bedroom, 3. Fairy lights, 4. Pretty Paper Lanterns

As the day starts to wind down it is just the time to turn on fairy lights and lanterns. I have these scattered about and I love the warm, ambient glow that they provide. They add just a little magic to every room, something special and out of the ordinary. One of these days I would love to create a canopy for my bed of tulle and fairy lights, something fanciful and fun. In addition to their indoor uses fairy lights and lanterns can add a spark to an outdoor space. One of my favorite summer pastimes is surrounding myself with fairy lights out on the patio with a good book. What are some of your favorite ways of lighting your space?

Halfway there! Compared to the previous two years things are going by a little slowly (I'm amazed we're only halfway through), but I've been having an awesome time so far and can't wait to see what the second half holds. I did just get some good news, my library holds are in and there's another football match on ESPN2 (LA v. Kansas City). What are you up to at this glorious halfway point?