Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ice Cream

1. coffee ice cream, 2. mint ice cream, 3. Raspberry Ice Cream Cone, 4. Ice Cream Cone Cup Cakes

Yet another foodie post (writing these always makes me so hungry). I can't do a series about my favorite things about summer without bringing up ice cream. It's the perfect summer treat to cool down with on a hot afternoon and there are so many varieties that everyone can find something they might like. From the ice pops brought by the ice cream man to creamy soft serve loaded with gourmet toppings and everything in between. Honestly I was never a big fan of the ice cream man as a child, my heart always did, and still remains with, soft serve. I love it in just about any incarnation, but my favorite is the classic chocolate dipped cone. Lately though I've started to develop an interest in making my own ice cream (though a little more sophisticated than the vanilla we made in coffee tins for chemistry class). I checked out A Passion for Ice Cream from the library and I'm filled with all sorts of inspiration. In addition to the ice cream itself I also love the cones they come in, I would love to attempt ice cream cone cupcakes at some point.

So, what is your favorite type of ice cream? Any special memories related to this sweet treat?

The match just went to half time and is tied at one. There have been quite a few exciting plays, but I would be enjoying it more if the commentators would focus more on the game and less on off the pitch drama.


  1. Mmm! Ice cream! Found you on the Blogathon site so I thought I'd drop by and say hello. Now I am hungry! :)

  2. @Monique Welcome and hello :) Writing this has me craving ice cream now too.

  3. I gave in and had an ice cream sandwich, and I am delighted I did. :)

  4. @Pico Yum! Those are so delicious.

  5. I love cookies and cream, mint and chip, and rainbow sherbert :)