Saturday, July 25, 2009


1. Fairytale Silhouettes!, 2. Snow White - Dream Along with Mickey, 3. Fairytale Castle, 4. Disney - Cinderella Castle Mosaic Selective Coloring

My history with fairytales started much the same as many other little girls from my generation, through Disney. Thinking back I can't recall if The Little Mermaid or Snow White was my first, but I loved them just the same. I grew up watching all of the Disney princess movies I could get my hands on, with Beauty and the Beast remaining my personal favorite. Fast forward to seventh grade where I had my first encounter with the Grimm versions of classic fairytales through my literature comparison course and I had my perspective completely changed. There was a different side of fairytales that I hadn't seen before, a darker side. This immediately piqued my interest retellings. How many different versions of these stories were there? Where, how, and why did they originate? This was actually a focus in my children's literature course in college (my specialization in the library field). I still love to read any version I can get my hands on, from modern to classic. Some of my personal favorites include Ella Enchanted and those written by Robin McKinley. Honestly, I love fantasy in general. What are your favorite fairytales or fantasy novels? Do you have a particular favorite version?

Writing this post has me wanting to pick up a book... I think I might do that once this match is over.