Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Love of Necklaces

I've always been a fan of jewelry. When I was a little girl my mom would give me her old pieces to play dress-up with. I kept them in a small plastic box and I treasured those pieces as though they were diamonds instead of wooden beads and costume clip earrings (some of which I still own and wear). When I was old enough to start shoping for and making my own pieces it was a whole new world. While clothes were expensive I could find a pretty trinket or two for a couple of dollars. The rainbows of colors were breathtaking. I could express myself in so many different ways, perfect at the age when I was still figuring out who I was. Now I have several boxes filled with earrings, rings, and bracelets, but my favorite is by far my necklace wall in my closet (I'll be sure to take some photos soon). I love the spice a necklace can add to an outfit. One simple accessory can make everything come together.

In that vein I've been feeling drawn to necklaces lately. I've purchased a few new pieces from chain stores and artisans alike and I've seen dozens more that I love on Etsy. I would love to share a few of my favorites at the moment with you (and I would love it if you would share you favorites via comments):

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