Saturday, July 25, 2009

Personal Style

1. rva project 19., 2. Cute Dresses at DelilaH in Shibuya, 3. poodle dots, 4. Rustic Country Dress

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by clothes. From finding quirky ways to put outfits together to learning the history behind a certain type of garment to learning how to make my own. I love fashion-related shows like Project Runway and lately I've found myself spending hours going through fashion books (especially period pieces). My personal style is a huge mix ranging from classic lines to edgy prints to cute lolita details. I am drawn to bold black&white and colors both of the vibrant and pastel varieties. I would definitely my personal style as quirky romantic. I adore throwing in fun accessories and trying new things with my hair and makeup. I am fair at sewing/knitting/beadwork, but now my goal is to improve my skills so I can create a wardrobe uniquely my own. What's your personal style? Are there any pieces or styles that you find yourself typically drawn to?

I've been kind of spacey this past half hour, but I feel mentally refreshed. It's like my brain took a mental nap while I was still awake. Odd, but nifty. I think I might open up my bottle of French Berry Lemonade soon, it's getting warm and that sounds refreshing.

Song of the Half Hour: Hadashi no CINDERELLA BOY - NewS

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