Saturday, July 25, 2009

Swimming Pools

1. Swimming Pool of Amari Trang Beach Resort, Thailand, 2. Swimming Pool - Pileta, 3. Hotel swimming pool, 4. Swimming Pool

If you've seen me around twitter at all these past few months you know that swimming has been my activity of choice. I'm lucky in the the condo complex I live in has a swimming pool directly across from my condo so going swimming in a mere walk away. It's almost never crowded, especially at night, making it the perfect place to allow the day's worries to melt away. My favorite time to swim is definitely after the sun's gone down. It keeps the heat down and there's something magical about looking up at the moon and stars while floating in water that's still deliciously warm from the rays of the sun. What's your favorite summer activity for relaxation?

So much for organization... I ended up spending the last half hour catching up with comments (how I wish blogger would introduce comment threading for giving proper replies) and commenting around Poupee Girl. Not so productive, but certainly fun.

Song of the Half Hour: We're on the Ball - The Football Studs

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