Sunday, July 26, 2009


1. mini plush family 2, 2. Kayte Terry's softies for the Plush You! show, 3. plush you toys, 4. superbot plush & print

I have been a plushie fan ever since I was a young girl. At one point in time I had several hundred, from store purchases to gifts and prize winnings (I love midway games). These days my collection has been trimmed down to special favorites and new finds. These days I tend to collect the Sanrio mini-plushies both for their cuteness and their size (I can have more of them without having my room overrun).

Though buying plushies is fun, lately I've been learning how to make my own. My very first attempt came in elementary school with "Sammy the Salmon" (my names were never that original) made from spare shirt scraps. These days my medium is felt and my motifs tend to be food related. Currently I'm working on a strawberry cake.

Are you a plushie collector? How about any special childhood keepsakes?

Again with nothing new to report. I'm completely losing the ability to concentrate on things though I'm still awake. Almost there...

Song of the Half Hour: Lovebug - Jonas Brothers

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