Sunday, July 26, 2009


1. PINK and NANA VINTAGE FLORAL CHARM BRACELET BY STELLA., 2. Hanging charm - Cherry blossom4, 3. Juicy Couture ballet shoe charm, 4. Lucky Cat Cellphone Charm

I am a big fan of charms, especially in the form of charm bracelets. Keeping a charm bracelet is such a personal experience with each charm representing a special memory or person. I was given my charm bracelet as a combined gift from my grandmother and aunts and it is one of my most treasured possessions. I've received charms as gifts that will forever remind me of those special people. I've also collected charms representing trips I've taken and personal symbols that I hold dear. I'm looking forward to continuing to add to the bracelet throughout my life so I can pass it on to future generations. I was the one to inherit my great grandmother's and when I hold it I feel such a special connection to her and her life. I hope one day my descendants can say that about mine.

Do you have any special charm-related memories?

I spent the past half hour sitting on my bed singing along to the songs playing on the computer as my back has officially rebelled against this chair. Despite some physical signs of tiredness I'm surprisingly alert. Thank goodness for spellcheck though, I have completely lost the ability to spell even simple words. Two more hours, the end is in sight!

Song of the Half Hour: I'm Coming - Rain

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