Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Movies

1. Old Fashioned Movie Time Popcorn, 2. Valley Art movie theater - ticket booth, 3. Movie Theater Seating, 4. Movie theater

Summer is one of my favorite movie seasons (along with Christmas). It's the season of action blockbusters and fun children's movies, two of my favorite genres. This year has also been a good one for romantic comedies. With movies at such a premium in cost I'm unable to go as much as I used to, but that makes me treasure the experience even more. I love piling into the car as a family, leaving early to ensure good seats. Walking into the theater, shoes sticking to the remnants of spilled sodas as I make my way to the middle of the row with the bar in front allowing for maximum comfort. Watching the previews and making a mental note of what I want to see in the future. Finally, watching the movie and allowing myself to be completely caught up in the on screen action. Such fun on a hot summer afternoon. Have you seen anything that you've loved this summer?

I lost track of time there and started to write this a little late (at least this post flowed a little more quickly than some of the others). I think I might flip on the televsion and see what's on...

Song of the Half Hour: Lai-Lai-Lai - Arashi


  1. I'm loving the photo posts you're doing. I'm a cinema manager in the UK so this one about 'theatres' (:P) is a great post for me and prompted my comment!

    Good luck with the 'thon. I survived '07 so I know how hard it is! :)

  2. @Gledster Thank you (on both counts)!
    I find cinemas so fascinating, looking through everything on flickr the vast array of architecture and styles is amazing.