Saturday, July 25, 2009

At the Library

1. New library, 2. Inside the Parliament Library, 3. Masonic Library Stacks, 4. Chişinău (Moldova) - National Library

It's no secret that libraries are one of my favorite places to spend time (I am a certified librarian afterall). I love that first moment of stepping through the doors of a library. The atmosphere hits you all at once from the stillness of the air to the heady scent of much loved volumes. Picking books from the shelves I can't help but wonder about the people who checked them out before. That is one thing I miss from the days before computerization, I love the list of patrons tucked into the front cover. Having your name printed neatly on that list felt like an initiation into a special club.

Beyond the books themselves I love all the library has to offer. The silence and solitude to spend time in study or simply getting lost in a treausured novel. Seeing children discover the joy of reading for the first time. The wide array of programs and cultural events offered. It's the perfect respite on any given day. What are your favorite library-related memories?

Unfortunately there wasn't much on television (right now I'm watching HSN on mute while listening to music - I love Heidi Daus jewelry). Hanging out with mom is fun though.

Song of the Half Hour: So Far So Great - Demi Lovato


  1. Hi! I'm really liking your posts, good luck and have fun!

  2. I have a rainbow-arranged bookcase like that! So cool.

  3. @Pico I have mine done like that too, I love how much of a statement it makes.