Monday, August 3, 2009

On the Right Foot

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Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to my weekly post where I will be sharing some of the flickr photos that inspire me, things I loved about the previous week, things I'm looking forward to, and some of my favorite links. Please feel free to join me either in comments or via your own blog, I would love to see what's inspiring you ❤

Studio Ghibli | Studio Ghibli films, particularly Kiki's Delivery Service, were a major part of my childhood. They're fill with magic, wonder, and whimsy and they always left me filled with awe. This past week I had the desire to start re-watching my favorites, both past and present thanks to both my personal collection and that at the library. Starting out with My Neighbor Totoro I am being taken on a journey through my childhood and I am loving every minute of it.

Frozen Yogurt | The weather here has been pretty much miserable lately so any way to beat the heat is appreciated, especially if it involves something sweetly delicious. Frozen yogurt fits that bill perfectly. While I like to experiment with interesting flavors like raspberry pomegranate, I'm also loving classic combinations like mint/chocolate and peanut butter/chocolate.

New Opportunities | I've not been having the best of luck with my job hunt so far, but this week I've found some new opportunities that I'm really excited about. This whole process has been teaching me that despite the setbacks I need to keep my head held high because the best possibility is waiting just around the corner.

Things I'm Anticipating | exploring new libraries • ngreat new movies • sunrise at the laket • ... and so much more!

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