Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Town Square

Town Square Fountain

When I was typing up my post yesterday I realized that I've mentioned Town Square quite a few times here, but haven't shared any photos. It's an outdoor mall and park of sorts just off of the Las Vegas strip and it is one of my favorite places in town. I immediately fell in love with the architecture and beautifully designed lanterns as well as the large beds of greenery, flowers, and the water feature in the main square. It is a little oasis in the desert.

Down the Hall
One of the hallways of shops, a little off of the main area.

Town Square
The view when entering the area. I love the lanterns particularly in this shot.

Dancing Jellyfish
A few of the metal wind sculptures out on the side of the area. They're so graceful in the breeze.


  1. Ah, sigh, I really want to visit where you live. I've been to Vegas before, but I don't believe I ever saw this part of it. And it's just so lovely--and quite a lot different than the landscape here. So much love. ♥

  2. @TheUnicornGirl I definitely think you would love it there! It's fairly new (about two years old now), there has been more of a focus on locations like this in recent years and it's making the city so much nicer ♥