Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Unexpected Magic


I am an early bird. I always have been. I like waking up before the sun hits the horizon. When I was in school I preferred to get to class at least twenty minutes before they started, even now I leave early whenever possible for any event that has a given time (interviews, movies, holiday dinners, etc). I like to take the long road, to stop and smell the flowers. I need that time to remind myself to delight in the little things, to perhaps see something unexpected.

It was in that mindset that I was walking around Town Square before the shops had opened, taking in the fountain in the main square and the beds of fully blossomed flowers throughout. Sitting on a cold stone bench I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye. It was this lone ladybug, a vibrant spot of color against the gray expanse of sidewalk. Taking a moment to take this photograph and smile at this unexpected, but all too welcome, moment I then gently set him upon a nearby leaf and we both went on our way. It is in these little moments of magic where my spirit is refreshed, where I can be alone in my own little world to witness the magic that exists all around us should we take the time to look.

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