Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! ♥ What are your plans for this evening? I'm having a pleasantly low-key holiday at home wearing my cute witch costume (the hat for which is photographed below) and munching on some sweets (mini-Reeses ♥). Even though I haven't done much for the holiday this year, I did manage to put a few decorations up:

The pink cardstock bats that I made last year have made a reappearance.

My newest addition to the Halloween family.

The hat that I based my costume around. I love the feathers.

I can never resist the cute mini-pumpkins...

I hope you're all having a fun and safe evening! To close out the post, here are two of my favorite Halloween posts from other bloggers today (I am a sucker for cute):

Wee Scary Teef @ MY MILK TOOFOutdone @ Nemu*Nemu


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful Halloween! I love the photos, as always, and have to say (though it's slightly off topic) when I move at the end of this month I'm absolutely going with a color-themed organization for my books! Brilliant!

  2. Your Hello Kitty decorations are totally adorable. I LOVE your little pink bats and think your witch's hat is so cute.

  3. @ The Unicorn Girl ♥

    @ atlimbo Thank you ♥
    I love the look of them by color. I'd love to see photos of yours once you get set up!

    @ Sara Thank you so much! ♥