Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From the Bead Shop

At the Bead Shop

I am a saver. When I receive something I particularly love I have the habit of saving it to savor at the best possible moment. For the most part this is a good trait, it has enabled many a wonderful experience that would have otherwise been wasted. Sometimes, though, it becomes a little ridiculous. This is one of those times...

I've had a giftcard for a local bead shop for well over a year now. In fact, this April would have marked two full years of the card sitting in my wallet, waiting for the right moment to be spent. Tired of waiting, and worried about the balance going away due to lack of use, I took the plunge on Saturday and purchased the lovelies photographed above. Some have a definitely purpose, like the gold ring along with the moss green which are to become a two stranded necklace or the shells which are to become a lovely pair of earrings once I find (and can afford) some seed pearls. Others, like the pink stars and the unusually colored lady bugs, have no destined projects. I have ideas swirling, but none that stand out as "the one".

In the end spending that giftcard was worth the plunge. I will have a new necklace to show for it at some point soon and some new pieces to inspire future projects. Hopefully this will get me on the path to finding a better balance between savoring something to the fullest and holding onto something much longer than I ought to.

As for this morning I am writing this from a comfy booth at Panera, in front of a large bay of windows, watching the storm brewing outside. Despite not wanting to get up this morning, this was so worth it.


  1. lol well I never have an issue with spending money but I am a big pack rat and I have a hard time letting go of treasures that truly I have much out grown. Thanks for the comment on my blog today! Are you from a small town originally? I know I struggle with city life and can't hardly wait to move to smaller place where I feel a bit more important and "known".

  2. @ittybittybirdy I can definitely relate to that. I've finally forced myself to get rid of some things, but I still have boxes and boxes that I probably shouldn't... I'm not originally from a small town (though 500k versus 3m feels significantly different), but it had a small town atmosphere within the different neighborhoods. I dream of the day when I can move. Thank you for your comment as well!