Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Room of my Own

A while ago I was reading a book about rooms. More specifically, rooms that women had crafted for themselves, for their everyday life. I've found that the rooms we spend the most time in tend to say a lot about our personalities from the hobbies we enjoy to the books we read to the preferences that shape other areas of our lives. While I was thinking about these things I realized that I've never shared actual photos of my room beyond what could been seen in snippets as backgrounds for other photos. Over these next few days I would like to show you around. This blog is very much an extension of my physical home and I feel like it's time to share the rest of my space with you.

Welcome to my room. This is the view from the door. I finally took the time to rearrange things about a year ago after doing away with my desk hutch and I love my open space.

To start things off, my filing cabinet and "landing zone". This is the first stop right inside my door where I can set my things when I get home. On it I have a few of my favorite things from an antique Chinese box and snuff bottles to my list jar where I work on my lists of things I want to accomplish.

The top of my dresser with one of my favorite prints of a French street. I have a detail shot of the right, but on the left rests a photo of me in front of Windsor castle circa 2002, a stuffed rabbit, a bamboo candle, and one of many beaded strawberries.

A detail shot of the right side of my dresser top. Atop my hollow books rests a mercury glass vase given to me by my mom, a small glass chicken from my trip to Bath, the champagne cork from my 21st birthday, and two more antique Chinese snuff bottles that I inherited from my grandma.

Up tomorrow... My desk and entertainment center. Have you ever shared photos of your space online? If so, I would love to catch a glimpse of the spot you call home.


  1. My god what a pretty room!! I love the flowers next to the printer and the picture three!!

    My room is a place I really adore. Every single person who has seen it said that it's what they expected to be.
    A couple of days ago I shared photos of my room at my livejournal.

    I'd like to share them with you, here :

    Hope you like the pics since I don't have a good camera like yours ;)

    take care <3

  2. you have a taste for make your room gonna be enjoyable........i still confused to rearrange my room, because i had a lot of books on my desk....that was preety hard to move my books....

  3. Ah, I just adore your room! I can't wait for the rest of these entries. ♥

  4. @Fernanda Thank you so much ♥ Those flowers were so much fun to make, they've definitely become a favorite for me. I love your room! Everything's arranged so nicely and I love the pictures you have up (particularly the CCS and Love*Com ones).

    @Anon Thank you! Books are definitely the worst part of rearranging a room. I had to get rid of so many/put a bunch in storage to get everything to fit in and I still struggle with keeping the collection in check.

    @The Unicorn Girl Thank you so much! ♥