Monday, April 5, 2010

Back at It

Afternoon Tea

After several weeks of bad news, both personally and for my family, I've been drained and have been facing a major creative block. Today I decided to take a stand and find my center again. I curled up with some new magazines (Somerset Life and Jewelry Affair), a good movie (The Shoe Fairy, a beautiful Chinese modern fairytale), and some tea. I feel refreshed! Even though I planned to rest the day away I ended up being so motivated that I took several photos and got caught up with my editing. I even managed to get through some of the massive pile of library books by my bed. What's even more exciting is that it's only 7PM, plenty more time to get things done and pamper myself a little.

What are your favorite ways to snap out of a funk/creative block?


  1. Hi Erica,
    i woke up today morning lil early ,so before going for a real jog ,i went jogging across the bloggyland ,this is just a purfect picture of morning ,a yummy treat ,hot cup of coffee and to flowers to welcome and cheer.i love your pics.
    i am too going thru some phase of self inspiration to get crafty again .
    love from India
    thankyou for your encouraging comment .

  2. I don't know about being a favorite, but the only way that works (95%) for me is "Just do it. (Something I learned before I ever heard of Nike) It seems that getting started, even when I don't feel like it is like priming a pump. The other 5% I usually just need sleep more than anything else.

  3. @creation Thank you so much! Waking up to your comment was such a wonderful surprise. I hope your phase of self inspiration brings about many wonderful things for you!

    @tongfengdemao That's an awesome philosophy to live by! Definitely something I want to start incorporating more into my life.